CLS Partners - Employee Benefits Advisors

Optimal outcomes delivered by design.

Change can be difficult. We take risk out of the equation using our unique CLS Methodology, ensuring you know up-front what is required and what to expect. CLS Partners is dedicated to delivering focus and certainty to companies experiencing major events or initiatives, including:

Mergers & Acquisitions

Anxious employees, conflicting technologies,
duplicative and conflicting benefit plans are
just some of the complications arising from
merging workforces and processes. The costs
and risks go beyond mere numbers and the right
decisions are critical. CLS Partners can help you stabilize,
standardize and optimize your human capital ecosystem.

Divestiture/Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Exit

Your new organization must stand on its own from day one. New technologies, benefits, employee manuals, communications systems, workflows, retirement, and risk management—it all has to be ready. Don’t be daunted. CLS Partners can help you accelerate stand-up speed by taking advantage of what works well, and improving the processes and workflows that aren’t performing optimally.


Expansion and growth place high demands on your business’ infrastructure, magnifying previously insignificant problems in workflows, systems and regulatory compliance. Whether you’re experiencing sudden, rapid growth or expanding internationally, CLS Partners has the expertise to build and optimize the infrastructure you need to keep moving forward.

Performance Improvement

Optimal performance delivers optimal results. We evaluate variables in your ecosystem—including insurance, technology, and workflows—to identify opportunities for improving your business and positively impacting your EBITDA.

Shared Services

The right shared-service model will reward your organization with economies of scale and improved infrastructure. The wrong model will be costly and cumbersome. Whether you’re a Private Equity group interested in portfolio aggregation, a property/asset manager looking to deliver a premium service, or a franchisor/association wanting to provide your partners with value, CLS Partners can identify the right opportunities to deliver the best results.