CLS Partners - Employee Benefits Advisors

Accept nothing less. A better way.

The challenge of managing today’s complex, ever-shifting business environment demands more than a simple spreadsheet comparison, a glossy brochure, and a theory of what might work.

Companies require custom, data-driven solutions built on sound strategies that deliver measureable results. Companies need a better way.

Our proprietary CLS Methodology is just that.

Driven by a dedicated team of experts, our unique approach analyzes every aspect of your back office ecosystem including technology, processes, people, insurance and services. Leveraging the CLS Methodology, we’ll benchmark your company against similar organizations, identify hidden opportunities, and design a plan to reach your business objectives.

The result is an optimized future state of reduced costs, enhanced business performance and predictable, measureable results.

The CLS Methodology


Evaluation of scope and deliverables. The right
solution begins by accurately—and precisely
—defining the problem. We’ll thoroughly explore
not only what your current state is and what you are
striving to accomplish, but also the roadblocks preventing you from
reaching your goals for the future. Then, our team of experts will define
the right combination of services to move your business forward.


Our data-driven methodology and due-diligence process takes into account economic data, compliance, existing workflows, incumbent technology and your company culture. Each member of our cross-functional team evaluates your data from a different vantage point, providing a multi-dimensional view of your current situation and informing our recommendations for moving forward.


Collaboration and design of your future state. We bring an organized, systematic and collaborative approach to the design phase, working closely with you to evaluate options and quantify the impact. The final plan details how we will take you from Point A to Point B, a commitment to a timeline, and criteria for quantifiably measuring success.


Implementation and change management. You can count on dedicated resources and a proven change management methodology to guide you and your company through the process. We deliver a comprehensive project plan with agreed-upon milestones, and the supporting design and analytics.


Ongoing support, measurement and reporting. Post-implementation, CLS Partners provides a custom-tailored service model. Continually monitoring and measuring results, our service team provides regular reports and updates that quantify progress towards your goals. Completely integrated and adaptable, you get purpose-driven support from a team you can rely on.