CLS Partners - Employee Benefits Advisors

Deliver great benefits cost-effectively.

Navigating the complexities of employee benefit plans is difficult, particularly with an ever-changing regulatory environment. Employee benefits represent a considerable financial investment and are fundamental to the wellbeing of your workforce.

Typically 5% of members drive 50% of current claims. Yet nearly 60% of this year's high-risk claimants were considered healthy just last year. Most benefit consultants guide their clients using only historical claims performance and limited information currently available regarding ongoing large claimants. This approach simply does not work.

CLS Partners provides far more than a one-dimensional spreadsheet comparison based on historical data. CLS Partners conducts a thorough analysis, digging deep into your data to define and deliver the right mix of benefits.

In addition to a strong focus on controlling costs, CLS Partners also knows the value of being an employer of choice. We understand that your people are your biggest asset, and that’s why we work to understand your corporate philosophy and culture.

Employer-Based Health and Welfare Programs – Health, Dental, Life, Disability and Fringe Benefits

Strategic Benefits Advisory
  • Executive and Specialty Benefits
  • Compliance
  • ACA Navigation
  • Wellness Initiatives
  • International Benefits, Compensation and Actuarial Services (including travel, local/national employees, expatriate employees)
  • Benefits Advocates
  • Employee Education and Communication
  • Compensation (including executives and board of directors)
  • Captives and Risk Retention Groups

Qualified & Non-Qualified Plans

Value-Added Services
  • Claims Data Warehousing, Benchmarking and Analysis
  • Underwriting/Actuarial
  • Disease Management
  • Case Management
  • Health Coaching
  • FMLA Administration
  • Dependent Audits
  • SAS & FASB Audits
  • 5500 Preparation and Filing